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Data speaks louder than words

What is Data Ethnography?

Possible to learn typical behavioral patterns and decision-making processes,

by closely observing behavioral history data of each individual user.

Data Ethnography is a method to enable the concept.

2 Advantages over others

All to do is observation

  • One method for inferring decision-making processes is Causal Inference as a concept of A/B testing, but not easy because of involving experiment

  • All to do in Data Ethnography is observation of behavioral history data of users

  • Tracking behavioral history data of each individual user in chronological order, inferring decision-making processes from such as sequence and context of the behavior

All to need is data

  • One method for learning decision-making processes is Ethnography as a research based on behavioral observation, but not easy because of involving fieldwork

  • All to need in Data Ethnography is behavioral history data of users

  • However, not possible to learn reasons for decision-making from behavioral history data, so recommended to complement it with qualitative research such as questionnaires

Complemented by UX Modeling

Not possible to ensure comprehensiveness or representativeness 

by extracting behavioral patterns through Data Ethnography.
UX Modeling complements it by automatically extracting behavioral patterns.

Data-driven UX is a service provided by CROSSHACK Inc.

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